West Nyack Honey

We harvest honey in late June and September. Although we get hundreds of pounds of honey it is usually sold out in a few weeks.

I took the sign down.
I checked and there was little or no honey in the hives. A few frames had a little honey, but most were dry or had “nectar”, which is uncapped honey that is watery and will go bad if I bottle it.

I will try again in another month or so. Maybe this time the bees will cooperate.

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West Nyack, New York Local Honey

238 Germonds Road, West Nyack, NY.

Less than two miles from the Palisades Mall in Rockland County, NY there are about 200,000 busy bees making honey. Twice a year I go into my back yard and harvest the honey from my hives. I separate the honey from the comb, strain it and bottle it.

My honey is undiluted, uncooked, un-fiddled with. It is 100% honey from my hives. You can stop by and meet the bees before you buy. The honey is all natural, and I don’t medicate my bees. You can even see the tiny pieces of white beeswax that float to the top, something that you will never see in the heavily processed imported honey that you get from the supermarket.

Stop by and honk or ring the bell. If I am at home and have honey, you’ll see the sign at my driveway.

My first 3 hives, purchased in 2009, are named after my Mother and Aunts. They are Connie, Ethel and Martha.

Here is a picture of Connie (the hive) from last winter.


14 thoughts on “West Nyack Honey

  1. Hi I am interested in learning more about your honey and if you sell it in bulk I am looking for some local organic honey.

    • We are out of honey right now. I will be harvesting honey at the end of June. The bees need time to make honey from the Spring flowers.
      All of my honey comes from my back yard in West Nyack. I harvest twice a year. Once in June and once in September. I have to be careful that the bees have enough honey to keep them alive in the winter.
      I will be riding up to Kingston, NY in April to pick “packages” of bees to replace the hives that died over the winter. Each year a few hives don’t make it and have to be replaced.
      Keeping bees is a little pricey to get started with but very cheap after the first year. I make several hundred dollars net profit each year. My big expenses are a few packages of bees in the Spring and bottles for honey during the year. Bottles are much more expensive than you would think. I only use glass bottles, never plastic.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re having health problems I wish you the best of luck this is your neighbor around the corner your honey has taken care of my wife’s allergies for years stay well and stay safe

  3. Hi,

    Do you sell honey from Rockland county?
    Do you sell spring honey?
    What kind of honey do you sell now?
    How much is the honey bottle?

    Thank you

    • I sell honey from the bees in my back yard. The bees will be making honey this Spring, but I will not harvest it until the end of June. The honey will be for sale on July 4th weekend. I will probably have about 200 pounds of honey. A 12oz bottle costs $12. A one pound bottle costs $16. I sold out last year’s honey in about three weeks.


        • I will have honey on the July 4th weekend. It will be honey from May and June. It will sell out in about two weeks.
          I will have honey again in October. It will also sell out in two weeks.
          I am currently sold out of honey.

          • Hi.
            Have you started selling spring honey yet?

            Thank you

    • No, the honey has not been harvested. I will check the hives on July 4th. If there is any honey it will tale me 3 or 4 days to extract and bottle it. Please watch the website to see when the honey is ready.
      The last time I checked the bees had put away very little honey. Two hives look promising, but there is no guarantee that I will get any honey.


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