West Nyack Honey

West Nyack, New York Local Honey

238 Germonds Road, West Nyack, NY.

The sign is Down. All out of Honey.

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Less than two miles from the Palisades Mall in Rockland County, NY there are about 200,000 busy bees making honey. Twice a year I go into my back yard and harvest the honey from my four hives. I separate the honey from the comb, strain it through cheesecloth and put it into 12 oz bottles.

My honey is undiluted, uncooked, un-fiddled with. It is 100% honey from my hives. You can stop by and meet the bees before you buy. The honey is all natural, and I don’t medicate my bees. You can even see the tiny pieces of white beeswax that float to the top, something that you will never see in the heavily processed imported honey that you get from the supermarket.

I charge $8 for a 12oz container. $12 for the 16oz glass muth jar. Stop by and honk or ring the bell. If I am at home and have honey, you’ll see the sign at my driveway.

My bees are of different types. Now I have mixed breed bees that have survived cold northern winters. These are crosses between Italian, Russian and Carniolan bees, and are very gentle and sting me only occasionally.

My first 3 hives, purchased in 2009, are named after my Mother and Aunts. They are Connie, Ethel and Martha.

Here is a picture of Connie (the hive) from last winter.


61 thoughts on “West Nyack Honey

  1. Are you selling eggs right now? I work in Pearl River and would like to stop by and pick up some eggs on my lunch hour (1pm – 2pm) if you are selling them–thanks, Patti.

  2. I would love to stop by to meet your bees and purchase some honey. I live in Congers. Please let me know when the honey is ready!

  3. The bees use it to hold the hive together and to seal up holes. Each hive has an ounce or two. If I scraped all my hives I would only have maybe a pound of propolis. Only a large scale operation would have it in any quantity. Around here there are only backyard beekeepers.

    The big operators are already selling their propolis to cosmetic companies.


  4. I would love to buy your honey, do you sell wholesale?? Please let me know when honey is available this season.

    • I produce about 50 to 100 bottles when I harvest, which is three times a year, and this sells in about two weeks, so there is no need for wholesale.

      Watch the website. I will announce when there is honey and put up the sign at the driveway.

      I should have the first harvest at the end of May or early June.


  5. Looking forward to getting some good honey (as I can’t get my grandfathers from Austria right now). Will you please let us know when you are harvesting? Would love to come with the kids to check it out. Danke!

  6. Is there a mailing list that we can join so that you can alert us when this year’s fresh honey becomes available?

  7. I would like to purchase your honey whenever you have some. Please let me know by e-mail and I thank you.

  8. Looking to do favors for parents 50th Anniversary
    If I supplied the jars (60 smaller
    Jars) would you be able to fill?
    I see your sold out…. when would you have next batch?
    Please email your replies
    Have a Honey Day!

    • I will be harvesting soon, but I sell out the normal size honey in a few days. I don’t get enough honey to do what you ask.



  9. If you drink green tea with local honey every day, this is suppose to keep the allergies away. I will tell you that my daughter drinks it every day and she has not been sick with any type of cold since November.
    If you do get a cold, you are suppose to take green tea with local honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon and this will make the cold leave sooner.
    The honey must be local to where you live.

  10. I currently purchase honey at the farmers market in Nyack. I met a fellow named Bobby who indicated he has a small hive and he brought it to my attention that here is a beekeeper in Nyack. I think it is you.

  11. Hello Keith,

    My husband Steven has Spring allergies, and they say that “local” bee honey is the best remedy. I live just off Bardonia Road (around the corner from you), and would like to stop by and buy some of your honey. I would greatly appreciate if you could email me to let me know what day/time would be best to stop by.
    Thank you,


    • Our honey sells out in about a week. I harvest twice a year in late May and after Labor day. We get about 100 bottles and they go fast. I announce on the mailing list, this site, and Facebook. Also when the sign is out in front of the house we have honey.

      I have a hundred pounds of honey from a couple of hives that froze over the winter. When the weather warms enough I will bottle this honey. It is a mix of all seasons and a very dark. It is the honey that is kept near the queen to feed her.

      Watch for the honey sign in late May or early June.

    • I’ve added you. You will receive notice for the April honey as soon as Erica finishes bottling and making the labels.


    • We sold about 40 bottles twp weeks ago from a hive that froze in the polar vortex. I was just out looking at the hives today. One hive has started putting away honey in the top “honey super” and if it keeps up I can harvest some honey some time in May. The other hives are still making up for the late Spring, and won’t be ready until June.

      I usually harvest honey around Memorial day. The honey never takes more than 10 days to sell out.


  12. I live in New City and a very big fan of honey. Was very excited to find out about you, your bees and honey by reading your web site and visiting your Facebook page.
    Would love to buy and taste your honey. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you

  13. Are there any beekeepers or honey producers in Rockland County or nearby looking for assistance in the summer harvest? I am an experienced beekeeper/honey producer from Russia who will be visiting New York this summer and am very interested in looking for work.

    A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    Anna Nikolina

    • Anna,

      All the beekeepers are amateurs here. I have heard of a beekeeper in Norther NJ who rents hives to farmers, but I do not know his name. All others have a small number of hives and some make a little money selling honey, like me.


  14. Please let me know if you have any honey to sell anytime soon. Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • Any day now. I robbed the bees on Sunday and Erica is bottling and labeling. I think there should be about 35 bottles. Very light and very sweet this time. Mostly tree flowers like Apple, Cherry, Peach, Maple and Oak. Some forsythia, and lots of dandelion, I think. I saw the bees on the holly tree which also makes for a nice light honey.

  15. I got my 3 bottles yesterday afternoon. Couldn’t get three 1 lb jars. My mom likes them. I wish there was more bigger size like the 5 lb jars. Thanks…

    • We usually get 30 to 40 pounds each time we harvest honey. If I made 5 pound jars there would not be enough for everyone who wants some. 12oz bears seems right for people who like to squeeze honey onto their oatmeal or into their tea. The Muth jars are good for people who like whole honey experience. I also have 8 ounce jars, but we did not make any this time.

      I am looking for a 12oz glass containers because some people don’t especially like the bears.


  16. The 5 lb jars is for my parents and my grandparents combined. They like to have a spoonful of honey a day. The muth jars, I was able to use a small spoon. Can we reuse the muth jars (1lb)? I can even bring my own 5 lb jar. My mom loves the taste of the honey.
    I drive from Manhattan.

    • I understand that you think that you need a 5 pound jar, but we don’t have enough honey. The whole harvest last time was a little over 25 pounds and only 50 pounds the time before that.. If I packaged it in 5 pound jars then only 5 people would get honey. As it is, 18 people bought honey. I don’t keep bees to make money. I don’t give quantity discounts. 5 pound jars are just not fair.

      We cannot reuse the muth jars. The jars need to be sterilized and you can’t sterilize corks. The jars we use are food grade and sealed when we get them so I just fill them. Health laws make it difficult to reuse jars.

      One of the hives is doing quite well. The honey super is almost full. In a week or so, I will be robbing the bees and making another batch. Watch for the notice that the sign is up.


    • The June honey sold out quickly. I may harvest some honey from another hive soon. Watch the website fro when I put the sign out.


  17. Hi! My kids and I have read about honeybees and farms and we were wondering if we would be able to come and visit!

    • It is mostly just my yard, not a farm at all. You can stop and say hi the chickens, but the bees are a little boring and in this heat are a little skittish. I have had a few stings just walking near them.


  18. Thanks Keith! We will stop by for sure. I think the kids would love to meet you and ask you a question or two. We just finished reading “Flight of the Honey Bees” and learned some interesting things. Thanks again! :)

  19. Saw you driving by months ago (when you probably had honey), but was in a hurry and only found you again last week. Love what google searches will get you when you can hone in. Please put me on your mailing list for the next crop. I usually buy co-op for the local stuff for my boys allergies, but this is as local as you can get! Thanks for being here and hope to get in on a batch soon!

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