Robbed the Bees

September 4th, 2011

I suited up tonight about 7PM and went back and robbed Justine. She had 3 supers, each with 10 frames, but I only took full frames and wound up with ten. Some of them were very heavy, some were 3/4 full on one side and the other 100%.

I spent the rest of the night scraping off the caps and spinning the honey. (I had alreadyspent two hours this afternoon cleaning the spinner and the buckets.)

I filtered the honey, once with the course filter to get the big wax chunks, and once with a fine filter to get the rest. It still has wax. I had to prop the spinner up so that it dripped into the first bucket and at 11pm it was still dripping a little, but there was very little left. I have the last bucket tipped with a bucket holder to drip into the bottling tank.

It looks like around 35 pounds of honey. This is pretty good from 10 frames. Supers average 15 to 25 pounds each. I could have taken more honey, but I left the partial frames for the bees. I’ll get those frames the next time.

35 pounds is about 42 or more bears.

I have to make the new labels tomorrow morning and start bottling up the bears.

I’ll put the sign out when we get a few dozen bottled.

The honey was mostly the black kind you get with goldenrod. The rest was golden honey from summer flowers. The mix came out a deep brown like bourbon. It tastes dark and nutty. Erica prefers the light flowery spring honey. I like this dark and aromatic fall honey.