Robbed the Bees

May 28th, 2012

I harvested honey from one of the hives. This hive made it through the winter, but is very aggressive. I was stung through the glove once, which is good outcome, considering how many times I’ve been stung. They were very angry about me stealing their hoard.

I wound up taking ten full frames that were mostly full. Some were packed on both sides. I left the partially filled frames for them and, hopefully, I can rob her again over the July 4th weekend.

The other hives are too young to have honey, yet. Their second deeps are not really full yet, so I can’t put on the honey supers. I have a super with the empty frames that I will put on a good hive next weekend.

Erica bottled 41 bears. The honey is a light amber color. A little darker than last year’s Spring honey. It has that Spring flowery delicate flavor. I am making Erica put two aside for my oatmeal in the morning. 20 bears are pre-ordered. As soon as I can get the labels printed up, I will put out the sign and announce on Facebook. This batch will be gone in a week.