My Bee Starter Kit

March 23rd, 2009

The starter kit deals at the various mail order houses are a good deal. You get nearly $300 worth of stuff for about $150. Here is my first hive waiting for the bees. I painted it dark brown because I am putting it in the wooded area behind my house and I don’t want the neighbors to know it’s there.

First the Base with the mite board. You cover this with Vaseline if you start getting mites and the mites stick to it.

This is the divider board.

This is the Hive box and the empty Frames. I have the foundation, but I am not putting it in the frames just yet. The bees won’t bee here for another three weeks.

This is the box with the aluminum covered top.

These are some of the other knic-knacs that you get. There’s a feeder, an entrance reducer, a hive tool, a brush, gloves and a smoker. I also have fuel for the smoker.

Here is a jerk modeling the bee hat thing.

In addition to this you get a book, which I have talked about and a video on DVD from 1991 that is sometimes very good and many times very funny.