February Bee Activity

February 17th, 2012

I was very depressed about the hive named Fanny dying. That meant that my two best honey producers from last summer died. I figured that since they were my strongest hives that the other hives would soon be dead.

I was wrong.

I went out today and the hive that I bought as a nuc from New Jersey was showing lots of activity at the entrance. The Christine hive had some activity and even Connie, who I’ve had for three years now has bees around the front entrance.

The temperature hit 53 degrees today and it looks like it will do it again tomorrow, so I filled up a front feeder for each of these three and fed them. When I took out the entrance reducer they were very active.

I hope that I didn’t hurt them by feeding them. I don’t want a big buildup before the nectar flow stars, but I don’t want them to starve. I will keep feeding them as long as the temperature goes above 50 degrees. I think that if I do this I will have some strong hives in the Spring.