Bees for Pleasure and Profit by G. Gordon Samson

May 13th, 2009


G. Gordon Samson’s delightful book, written in 1892 can be found at several places on the internet. I downloaded it, cleaned it up somewhat and deleted the advertising off the end of the file.

This is the 1921 edition. There are parts of it which are dated, but most of it is surprisingly useful as raising bees has not really changed very much in the last 100 years.

The book is warmly told in first person and you get a feel for the generous and friendly nature of the author. It was a real pleasure reading this book.

All of us can learn from Mr. Samson’s Experience.  I found that the book answered many questions that I had that the newer books seemed to have missed.

Download the Adobe PDF file  Bees for Pleasure and Profit, but G. Gordon Samson and enjoy!