Bee date delayed again

April 7th, 2011

It looks like the bees are coming in the wee hours of April 17th. This is a good thing because that is early Saturday. I won’t miss any work. I will install the bees Sunday morning at dawn.

If you are near West Nyack, want to help, and you own a bee veil and gloves, let me know you are coming.

I fully expect one more delay. Don’t make plans just yet. I have to look up when they came last year, but it may have been later.

There has been much rain. This is good for the flowers, but the bees don’t go out in the rain that much. The temps have been above 50 so the girls are roaming when it is sunny. They are bringing back tons of pollen. I see forsythia and trees starting to bloom. If we have any sun it will be a good spring.